ABOUT US Honfu Technology is a distributor specializing in the marketing of electronic components.

Undertaken by the predecessor Lico International Industrial Co., Ltd. (1994), Honfu Technology Co., Ltd. has become a professional semiconductor distributor with diversified brands. Distribution component brands cover Taiwan, U.S., and Japan (such as AMIC. HOLTEK. MXIC. NUVOTON. RICHTECH. MICROCHIP. NXP. ON. PI. TI. VISHAY. muRata. SHARP. TOSHIBA and other famous brands.).... more

CONTACT US For us, the greatest achievement comes from being able to
provide customers with satisfactory service quality.

If you have any questions related to electronic components, please contact us immediately. We will provide you with the most favorable price and the most perfect service. Regardless of whether the transaction is successful or not, Honfu Tech Co., Ltd. is your best choice.